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Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey Will Be On HTC Vive Stage At Tokyo Game Show

Luckey says he has interesting things to day for his keynote speech at Tokyo Game Show.

There has been a great deal of guessing and speculation on what Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey has planned for his next move since he left Oculus and Facebook back in March this year. Some details might be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, as Luckey is due to address attendees from the HTC Vive stage.

Luckey has been something of a controversial figure, with some critics denouncing him as bringing the virtual reality (VR) industry into disrepute. Despite this, and his departure from Facebook and Oculus, he remains a well-known figure in VR circles, viewed by many as a spokesperson for VR and the person who kicked off the modern era of VR.

There are few details on what Luckey plans to discuss in his time on the HTC Vive stage, but the fact that he is appearing under the HTC Vive banner has unleashed a frenzy of speculation, when considered alongside news of Google buying up HTC’s Pixel team, and persistent rumours of HTC Vive being sold.

HTC Vive are appearing in the VR/AR Corner of the Tokyo Game Show, and area much expanded since its debut last year. HTC Vive will be showcasing several titles available on the platform, such as Rez Infinite, Assassination Class VR Balloon Challenge, Fallout 4 VR, Tilt Brush, Viveland and more.

Palmer Luckey is due to speak on Saturday 23rd September at 13:30 JST. Further information and the full scheduled is available on the Japanese HTC Vive website.

VRFocus will bring you further news from Tokyo Game Show as it emerges.

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