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Shoot Loop VR

Practice Some Gun Slinging With Shoot Loop VR

A simple shooter that costs a couple of quid.

Fancy shooting some virtual reality (VR) targets but you’ve got barely any cash left after decking yourself out in lots of high tech VR finery? Well fear not as ARLOOPA has just released a new shooting range experience for HTC Vive that’ll set you back a whole £1.99 GBP, Shoot Loop VR.

With a wild west theme, there’s only one thing to do in Shoot Loop VR and that’s fire some bullets at a range of targets as quickly and accurately as possible. Don’t worry about being over burdened with guns choices as there’s only three available, a revolver, a pistol and what looks like an AK-47u SMG – which was always popular cowboys films.

Shoot Loop VR screenshot_2

There are three different shooting ranges to conquer, hit enough targets and you’ll get a decent score. Get a really good score and you’ll be on the global leaderboards forever – unless they get taken down or enough players make sort work of your once brilliant score.

Point, shoot, repeat, what more can you ask for for £1.99. 

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