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Report Predicts Companies Will Lose Business Unless They Engage With AR

Report commissioned by DigitalBridge says companies have six months to produce AR apps or lose business.

Much attention has been given to augmented reality (AR) since the launch of Apple’s ARKit. Many businesses and brands have begun experimenting with the technology. A new report indicates that such engagement with AR is vital if companies don’t want to risk losing business.

The report was commissioned by UK-based mixed reality firm DigitalBridge, and finds that one in five consumers expect major firms to already have an AR experience available, while almost half (49%) are expecting a large rise in the number of AR applications available over the next six months.

The study further found that 18% of consumers surveyed do not wish to wait more than 12 months before they can access an AR platform, and and overwhelming majority of 82% expected such technology to be made available via smartphone or other mobile devices instead of being restricted to in-store.


David Levine, CEO of DigitalBridge, said: “Augmented reality hasn’t really caught the public’s attention as much as virtual reality, thanks to its popularity in the gaming and leisure industry. However, Apple’s focus on this immersive technology and its forthcoming battle with Google (and others) has really turned the focus on its head and augmented reality is having its first mainstream moment. As a business and commerce application, particularly when it comes to mobile commerce, augmented reality has much more potential than virtual reality as it’s easier and cheaper to implement and I think we’re going to see a new eco-system of AR enabled experiences in the coming weeks and months.”

The report, entitled Augmented Reality: Changing The Face Of Retail can be downloaded hereVRFocus will continue to report on new trends and developments within the AR sector.

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