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Rez Infinite AreaX 02

REZ Infinite PC Version Gets Update

New update boosts 3D depth for classic areas 1 to 5.

REZ Infinite has received a great deal of praise from critics and the general player base. The title is not without its flaws, however, but the developers have been addressing one of the issues experienced by virtual reality (VR) users.

The follow-up to Dreamcast classic REZ has been met with much enthusiasm, particularly once it was ported to PC for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users. Some users commented on Reddit to say that classic Areas 1-5 lacked the depth offered by the more VR-focussed ‘Area X’.

The development team have responded to this criticism by adding a new setting in the options menu. The ‘3D Depth’ setting allows users to boost the 3D effect of the graphics in the classic areas. There are three options available, Standard being the default, with Increased and Max both offering boosted depth.

The announcement was welcomed by the Reddit community, some who said that the community engagement from the development team had encouraged them to buy REZ Infinite.

REZ franchise creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi recently hinted that REZ Infinite’s Area X was a hint at what was coming next for the REZ franchise, and said he was waiting for new technology to develop and offer new avenues to explore.

“We have many plans and talking about REZ Infinite; ‘Area X’ is like a prologue to the next future REZ, and so this is just the beginning. So I’m thinking what is the next REZ experience,” stated Mizuguchi in an interview with VRFocus at Gamescom, Cologne. “I’m waiting for the new technology.”

VRFocus will bring you further news on REZ once it becomes available.

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