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Robotic AR Combat Comes to iOS With Army of Robots by Sinergia Studios

Army of Robots is the first AR title from Sinergia Studios.

Apple may have only began its roll out of iOS 11 a few days ago but there’s been plenty of augmented reality (AR) apps arrive in that time. One of the latest comes from Brazilian developer Sinergia Studios with a mech filled experience called Army of Robots.

Built using ARKit, Army of Robots is a first-person shooter with the iPhone’s screen acting as the view from the cockpit. Users can play anywhere, all they have to is choose several suitable locations for the robot enemies to appear and then destruction awaits.

Army of Robots Screenshots _loja_AR_02_eng

The enemy robots seem to appear randomly among the locations users have selected, so they have to keep on their toes to destroy them all. Just to mix things up and add further difficulty to the challenge the robots can vary in size, from small desktop walkers to massive enemies that can reach head height.

Army of Robots retails for $1.99 USD on the App Store and it’ll support iPhone SE / 6s / 6s Plus / 7/ 7 Plus and iPad Pro (all 3 versions) and 9.7″ 2017 models, with iOS 11 installed.

If you’re after more AR apps for your iPhone how about Curiscope’s shARk, Skullfish Studios’ Lila’s Tale: StealthClimax Studios’ ARise or The Virtual Reality Company’s Follow Me Dragon.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest AR apps, reporting back with the newest releases.

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