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Samsung Offering Exclusive VR Experience Surviving the Titanic

Samsung Gear VR Experience will be available only at Samsung 837 NYC Store.

The story of the sinking of the Titanic is one that has fascinated generations of people. The subject of countless books, TV shows, documentaries and movies, and now virtual reality (VR) experiences. Samsung are offering an exclusive chance to experience what the sinking of the famous vessel was like for visitors to its flagship New York location.

Unlike Titanic VR, which allows users to explore the sunken wreck of the Titanic, the Samsung Gear VR experience Surviving the Titanic puts users in the shoes of one of the survivors, scrambling for the dubious safety of the lifeboats, and watching as the once magnificent vessel, though to be unsinkable, sinks beneath the waves.

The Surviving the Titanic experience was created by TripFactory, who specialise in creating VR experiences that combine the expected visual element of VR with immersive theatre. Surviving the Titanic uses a framing device of a brilliant but troubled scientist who has been using his technology to capture dreams and memories – including the very experience presented to visitors to the Samsung 837 NYC Store.

The Samsung 837 NYC store is not a shop in the typical sense, as nothing is actually available to buy. Instead, is acts as a demonstration point of Samsung’s technology, as well as the space where the company can hold special events, such as the Surviving the Titanic experience.

Surviving the Titanic will be available for the public at Samsung 837 NYC from 2nd October through to 8th October, 2017. Tickets are available on the Samsung 837 website.

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