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Sci-Fi Adventure The Solus Project Comes to PlayStation VR

PS Plus Members get a 20% discount.

PlayStation VR owners looking for a big sci-fi adventure to get their teeth into are now able to download Teotl Studios and Grip Games’ single-player explorer The Solus Project. 

Having originally released last year on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, The Solus Project’s story unfolds on the planet Gliese-6143-C, where you play a survivor stranded on a strange deserted alien planet having been sent there by the last remnants of mankind, looking for a new world to call home after Earth is destroyed.

Approaching the planet disaster strikes your spaceship, crashing to the surface. With your crew dead you must survive the harsh, volatile environment anyway you can. While the planet is seemingly empty, you’ll be confronted with merciless weather, as you try to unravel the deep secrets hidden under the surface.


The linear single-player adventure has ten large levels, consisting of five islands and five tombs/cave systems to explore. While there aren’t really any enemies to deal with, it features a dynamic weather system that calculates everything from temperature and wind to humidity and cloud coverage, creating tornadoes, storms, lightning as well as a few meteors for good measure.

The developers said in a statement that: “VR support was an important part of development throughout The Solus Project,” with the title ‘promising to provide a unique VR experience to those who want to explore with PlayStation VR.” 

The Solus Project is available through the PlayStation.Store for $19.99 USD/£15.99 GBP, with PS Plus members getting a 20 percent discount until 1st October.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Solus Project, reporting back with further updates.

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