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Selecting Countertops in AR with Cambria’s New App

ARKit enhances kitchen design with upcoming app from Cambria.

With the launch of Apple’s ARKit, several companies have been exploring the possibilities presented by the enhanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities, including companies not usually associated with such technology, like furniture store Ikea. Another company is following in that direction by bringing AR to kitchen design.

Cambria, a producer of quartz countertops and surfaces have announced Cambria AR, an app that allows customers to sample Cambria’s various surface designs for their homes, or for commercial locations such as restaurants or bars. The images can even be saved and shared with family, friends or clients.

The ARKit technology allows surfaces such as kitchen counters, kitchen islands or bar tops to be accurately mapped allowing for the designs to be overlaid, allowing for an accurate impression of what the surface would look like.

“Augmented Reality will be a game changer in the design industry for consumers and professionals alike,” said Brian Peters, CMO at Cambria. “As the leader in stone surfaces Cambria is adopting and bringing the remarkable technology to our consumers in a very simple but powerful app. There’s no better way to see Cambria’s stunning designs then in your very own kitchen.”

“AR will change the way consumers design their homes, and Cambria is facilitating a new revolution in design innovation by integrating the virtual and real worlds nearly seamlessly,” said Marc Jensen, Chief Innovation Officer at space150, Cambria’s digital partner and developer of the Cambria AR tool. “Cambria AR has set a new bar for the consumer experience and solved a real challenge by making it as easy as possible to try before you buy.”

Cambria AR is expected to be launched on Apple App store in Autumn of 2017.

VRFocus will continue to report on new applications for ARKit technology.

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