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Sociable Soccer key art

Sociable Soccer Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

Jon Hare’s new VR Football title will be released on Steam Early Access on 12th October.

Many fans of sports videogames have been eagerly awaiting to arrival of Legendary British developer’s Jon Hare’s latest foray into the world of Football videogames, Sociable Soccer. The wait is almost over, however, as the title will be released for Steam Early Access on 12th October.

Jon Hare was famed through the 16-bit era for producing titles such as Microprose Soccer and the influential Sensible World of Soccer and its sequels. Sociable Soccer is a virtual reality (VR) spiritual successor to the Sensible Soccer titles, bringing the stripped down, arcade-style gameplay back to an area of videogaming that has become somewhat stagnant.

The Steam Early Access version of the title will feature a single player campaign mode along with classic local multiplayer and online multiplayer. An online team mode is being developed and should be available in a future update. Sensible Soccer is planned to feature over 1,000 clubs and national teams from around the world, along with 67 international football trophies available to compete for.

Sociable Soccer screenshot

“We’re hugely excited to be launching on Steam Early Access. This is the first step towards our vision of a new, truly cross-platform, online and offline football action game,” said Hare, also referencing the console, mobile and various VR platforms to follow. “Steam Early Access will help us to tweak gameplay, introduce more game modes and respond to fan feedback.”

The Steam Early Access version will be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. A price point has yet to be set. The title is also planned to be released on Samsung Gear VR and PlayStation VR, though a release date has not yet been confirmed.

A teaser trailer for the Steam Early Access version is available to view below.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on Sociable Soccer as it becomes available.


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