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Sparc Is Going Balls To The Wall

CCP Games developer Sigurdur Gunnarsson says Sparc players have launched over 1.3 million balls since launch.

The latest virtual reality (VR) title from Icelandic developer CCP Games, Sparc, only got its official launch a few days ago, but already players seem to be responding positively, as one particular statistic from developer Sigurdur Gunnarsson indicates.

If one where to ask how well Sparc has been going of the Sparc development team, the answer may well return ‘The Answer is spherical and in the plural.’. As according to a statistic released on Twitter, PlayStation VR users have thrown over 1.3 million balls since the title was launched.

Energetic sports title Sparc was launched for PlayStation VR on 29th August, 2017. A videogame based on skill and movement, Sparc involves expending much more energy on playing than is commonly the case with VR titles.

Players can engage in 1vs1 matches with friends online, or use the matchmaking system to locate an opponent. There are several variants on two-player mode and three different arenas. Players can also customise their avatar with different suits, knuckle guards and headgear. If all that jumping around gets too much, there is the option to chill out in ‘Courtside’ the freeform social area that allows players to spectate matches in progress.

Gameplay itself bares some resemblance to real-world sports such as Squash or Lacrosse, with players needing to use the PlayStation Move controllers to aim, launch and dodge the aforementioned balls that hurtle at high velocity across the arena.

Some analysts are predicting that Sparc will make a name for itself as part of the future of Esports. Only time will tell if that truly is the case. You can check out the VRFocus preview Here.

Sparc is available on the PlayStation Store for £24.99 (GBP).

VRFocus will bring you further news on Sparc as it becomes available.

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