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SteamVR Home Update Adds Trophies and Artwork

SteamVR Home adds 3D directional audio as well as new customisation options and new environment.

SteamVR Home is designed to be a virtual reality (VR) ‘base of operations’. A home-away-from-home within the virtual world. The development team have today announced some new improvements to the experience to further personalise and enhance the space.

The new updates include Trophies that can be displayed on your virtual walls. You can look over your achievements, or show them off to visitors. Trophies will upgrade to become more impressive as players complete more achievements in the videogame the trophies represent. Trophies also act as a preview pane, letting players check details on the title and even launch into the videogame.

For more decorative options, players can now place screenshots and unlocked artwork from their favourite videogames around the Steam VR Home space. These panels can be accesses from the Things menu in Content Browser, or through the Community Wall in the default Steam VR Home environment.

Players can also place the SteamVR panels in any area, so any environment can be made into a Home space, where players can access information such as Recent Apps, Friends List and Rooms List. A new SteamVR Home environment has been created for users to explore. The Boxing Ring allows users to train on punching bags, lift weights and compete with the training bot.

Steam Audio is now integrated into SteamVR Home and enabled by default, allowing for use of immersive audio, so players can get an impression of hight and distance of sound sources.

In order to take advantage of the new and improved features, users will need to opt-in to the SteamVR Beta from the menu.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on updates to SteamVR Home.

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