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Street Art and Graffiti In Augmented Reality

AR App WallaMe lets users leave AR art and messages on any wall space.

Graffiti and street art tends to be a contentious subject. A popular way for the young to leave their mark, or promote a social agenda, but generally despised by authorities, with various methods being introduced to try and discourage graffiti and tagging. An augmented reality (AR) app called WallaMe may have found a way to make graffiti more acceptable, however.

AR has seen a boost in interest since the launch of Apple’s ARKit, and many companies have become involved in trying out the potential of AR. Facebook already allows users to leave messages for their friends in some areas, and WallaMe expands on this idea.

First, users need to download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register a username. Then all that is needed is to find a wall or other suitable flat surface, then get creative, drawing or writing whatever takes your fancy using the built-in drawing tool. Then you publish the image. Users can tag friends, or make the image public so anyone can see it.

Users can view other people’s messages in the ‘Public Walls’ tab, or find new users and walls through the Discover page, or search for walls with messages nearby. Users have already begun to experiment with the app, with users creating images such as putting Spider-Man in between two buildings,

There are several potential applications for the functionality in WallaMe, such as the huge potential for GeoCaching and scavenger hunts, organising meet-ups by leaving a message saying ‘Meet here at 6pm’ or just letting a friend know you are thinking of them by leaving at note at their favourite coffee shop.

VRFocus will continue to report on new and innovative uses for AR technology.

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