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Virtual Reality Company Follow Me Dragon

The Virtual Reality Company Unveils AR app Follow Me Dragon

The experience is available now on Apple’s app store.

With the roll out of iOS 11 yesterday developers are beginning to release their augmented reality (AR) apps for Apple’s mobile devices. Today has already seen Climax Studios ARise launch and now The Virtual Reality Company has delved into the AR field with Follow Me Dragon. 

The experience features adorable dragons who dance, jump, pose for pictures, play fetch and fly through real-world environments. Designed to be enjoyed by participants of all ages, users can take pictures with their dragons and share their adventures via social media accounts.

Virtual Reality Company Follow Me Dragon

“With Follow Me Dragon, VRC is taking a leap forward into Augmented Reality,” explains VRC co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Robert Stromberg in a statement. “Beginning with the first dragon, Drake, each character will have a unique personality that will navigate real world environments with its own flair. Collectively, the dragons will serve as the foundation for an immersive new fantasy experience.”

VRC’s CEO Guy Primus adds, “while early adopters to the app will enjoy all the delightful interactions they can share with the current dragon, VRC’s development team is actively working to build and grow the world of Follow Me Dragon – both within the app and beyond.”

The Virtual Reality Company is known for its cinematic VR releases like Raising a Rukus and The Martian VR. VRFocus will continue its coverage of the studio, reporting back with its latest projects.

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