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Torrus VR Open Source Controller Looking For Contributors

Creators open up 3DoF VR controller to the community.

A project to create an open-source 3DoF controller for mobile virtual reality (VR) called the Torrus Open VR Controller is looking to get more of the VR community involved with its development.

The creators behind the Torrus Open VR Controller believes that a better quality of interaction with mobile VR titles is possible without need for an expensive third-party solution. The Torrus is designed to be compatible with iOS, Android, Google Daydream and others.

In essence, it acts as a controller for VR experiences on mobile VR. It works via Bluetooth, comes equipped with Orientation sensors and an accelerometer, a trackpad for accurate and intuitive controls and has an expansion port so additional devices such as a gun or sword peripheral can be attached, or even haptic gloves.

The creative team says on the website: “we don’t want to simply provide more content, but explore the untapped opportunities that exist within mobile virtual reality. Above all, allow for incredible multiplayer experiences. Torrus want to go beyond and create better and more interactive, virtual reality experiences.”

The device is designed to be light, inexpensive, cross-compatible and easily modifiable. The creator is hoping to encourage the community to get involved, opening up a Hackaday project page so other VR developers can create additional software, tools and peripherals for the Torrus.

Further information can be found on the Torrus VR website. A demonstration video is available to view below.

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