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Trademark Application Suggest Huawei Working on 360-Degree Camera

Huawei expected to officially announce EnVizion Panoramic VR Camera at Consumer Electronics Show in 2018.

Chinese tech giant Huawei have recently filed a trademark application in both the United States and Europe for a 360-degree imaging device called the EnVizion Panoramic VR Camera. This information seems to indicate that Huawei have plans to join the virtual reality (VR)/360-degree imaging market.

Information was recently released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as the EU Intellectual Property Office which revealed the name, but few other details regarding the device, though insiders and analysts have already begun speculating based on details that are available, suggesting that the device is likely to be similar to the Samsung Gear 360 series of cameras.

Insta360 - Huawei Honor VR Camera

The application mentioned mobile software and related technologies. Since Huawei is primarily known, especially in the West, for producing mobile devices, it seems likely that the company are also planning on releasing a mobile app to connect to the EnVizion 360. Some analysts have predicted that, similar to the Samsung Gear 360, the EnVizion 360 will also have a small form factor and be capable of connecting directly to an Android smartphone.

Huawei have a hardware event coming up on 16th October, but the new device is unlikely to be announced there, since Trademark applications are a slow process, and Huawei has usually been cautious about announcing a product name before it has been officially trademarked. Most experts are predicting that the device will be officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018, or at Mobile World Congress later that same year.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Huawei’s VR/360-degree projects as it becomes available.

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