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Transform Your Surroundings with AR App Surreal

AR app provides a library of 3D animated objects to place in your environment.

The power and potential of augmented reality (AR) has become much more apparent both to users and businesses since the launch of Apple’s ARKit. A new AR app titled Surreal aims to provide a platform for users to decorate and transform their surroundings using AR.

Surreal aims to provide a platform for animated 3D virtual objects created by talented artists from around the world that can then be purchased and placed in the user’s environment, visible user’s a smartphone camera. For example, the users can place a playful kitten in their bedroom, or a lion in the backyard, hang an AR Mona Lisa or Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the wall.

Users can also record a video of the AR scenes they create to share over social media. The launch of the Surreal app was timed to coincide with the introduction of iOS 11, with its enhanced AR capabilities. Surreal are also working on the app with an eye towards AR glasses, a product which has seen something of a comeback recently.

“Augmented reality empowers people to own their surroundings in a way that was never before possible,” said Surreal Co-founder Dana Loberg. “With Surreal, users will be able to do things like frame the Mona Lisa on their living room wall or decorate their closet with the designer bag they’ve always wanted. If you look at how Gen Z interacts with each other, it’s clear that they’re very comfortable using the camera to enrich their surroundings,” Loberg continued, “Very soon, the possibilities for AR communication will only come into sharper focus.”

The Surreal app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Surreal as it becomes available.

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