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Uncover the Hidden World of Echo Grotto on HTC Vive This Week

The VR caving experience launches on 20th September.

A couple of weeks ago VRFocus reported on New Zealand-based indie videogame developer Gaugepunk Games announcing its second virtual reality (VR) title – the first was Frontier VR – a VR caving experience called Echo Grotto. Now the studio has confirmed the Steam release date for HTC Vive, Wednesday 20th September.

Echo Grotto is a casual exploration experience that uses a cel-shaded art style to immerse players into intricate cave systems, all of which are procedurally generated. Inside they be able to uncover a network of vast caverns and tunnels, filled with crystals, sulfur pools, deep pits and an abundance of creatures.

Gaugepunk Games has created two gameplay modes for players to try out. The first is called ‘Experience’, which allows for complete free-roaming of the videogame. So players can choose whatever gear and tools they like before heading inside, whether that’s a grappling hook, head torch, lantern, glow stick, snorkel or other items. Then there’s ‘Game’, where players are given a basic loadout and have to find better tools whilst exploring. If they find gems along the way there’s an option to buy better items.

To mix gameplay up even further the studio has included a range of scenarios, so the videogame will start from an alternative entrance, play with nothing but glowsticks or explore a flooded cave system for example.

Echo Grotto will be available through Steam for $5.99 USD. It’ll also be on Viveport soon.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gaugepunk Games, reporting back with the latest updates.

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