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Valve Says No Steam Developer Days in 2017

Tom Giardino of Valve confirms no plans for Steam Dev Days this year.

Many developers have derived much benefits from Valve’s semi-regular events, the Steam Dev Days Conferences. As such, many developers will be disappointed to hear news that Valve are not planning any of the events for 2017.

Tom Giardino of Valve revealed on Twitter that there are no plans for a Steam Dev Days event during 2017, and is also unlikely for 2018. Giardino did ask Twitter what sort of things people would like to see at future Valve events.

Discussion in the replies to this question was lively, with several users expressing interest in hearing more about the Steam controller and its development, others were interested in a different controller, wanting updates on the current status of the HTC Vive Knuckles controllers, or asking for updates on projects discussed at previous Steam Dev Days events, such as an unknown VR project Valve’s Greg Coomer was said to be working on.

Known for covering a broad variety of subjects, covering areas such as virtual reality (VR), server hosting and maintenance, videogame development and other areas. The events are known to be places where Valve showcases projects in-progress, or teases upcoming products and videogame titles. The November 2016 event was recorded, with the videos later released for perusal by the general public, with 25 videos available to view, including several covering VR-related topics.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Steam Dev Days as it becomes available.

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