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Viveport Unveils New Public Beta Of Viveport Arcade Manager Software

How do you manage a VR arcade as a business? Viveport has you covered.

We’ve covered with increasing frequency on VRFocus the rise of the virtual reality (VR) Arcade. The digital out-of-home entertainment (DOE) sector as a whole being a topic that contributor Kevin Williams discusses regularly in his feature series The Virtual Arena. In the last few months alone we’ve had two individual reports on VR arcade/portal locations within London and a multi-part analysis of how the ‘virtual theme park’ came to be.If you’re looking to set up and/or start an arcade however, how exactly do you go about organising what is available on what will amount to be a number of computer systems and VR head-mounted displays (HMDs)? Viveport has some new software that could help matters in the form of the public Beta of the Viveport Arcade Manager. Integrating the Viveport store with a local library of titles arcade managers are able organise what titles are available on a by machine/room basis. Adding or removing titles as needed and presenting the end user with a simplified menu.

Viveport Arcade was first launched back in December 2016 and was listed among a number of services getting upgrades based on user feedback to benefit operators, customers and developers earlier this month. With all developers to receive revenue share for applications on (up from 50-70%) during the Christmas period.

“Viveport Arcade is a simple, intuitive content management system that allows operators to flexibly control their Vive VR stations.” Explains Viveport on their website. “Also included, a self-guided experience allows customers to select their own content through the headset, eliminating your need for additional staff. It’s a comprehensive, effortless way to manage every detail of your investment.”

A trailer has been released showing the software in action which you can see below and you can find out more information on the Viveport website. As always VRFocus will bring you more details on the updates and changes going on with the Viveport service. For all the latest relating to the HTC Vive check out the link to it and other HMDs at the top of VRFocus.com.

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