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VUSR Introduces Support for AR and Room-Scale VR

VUSR aims to unify distribution of VR and AR content.

It can be frustrating to find out that an anticipated piece of virtual reality (VR) content is not going to be available on your preferred platform. It can also be difficult for creators to decide which distribution platform to choose. Vusr aims to solve these problems by creating a unified platform, which now includes more supported content types.

Vusr creators Secret Location have announced the launch of a high-level platform aimed at creators who are looking to distribute and monetise VR content. The platform currently supports any type of 360-degree video on any head-mounted display (HMD), and can now support real-time rendered content, room-scale VR content and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

“Allowing publishers to incorporate real-time rendered VR and AR content, and go beyond just 360 video, opens up endless possibilities.” said Secret Location President and Founder James Milward. “Removing barriers and simplifying distribution is going to accelerate the amount and quality of content we’re seeing in the industry, which is really what we need in order to grow it.”

“With every advent of new technology there is a period of fragmentation and VR is no different. While consolidation will happen over time, we’re still at a phase where the hardware, software, formats, and techniques are still ballooning at a rapid pace. Without efforts to centralize, creators and publishers are left with no means to grow an audience and monetize their content,” added Secret Location Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Ryan Andal. “Vusr is the first VR content management platform to develop and release the tech necessary to support room-scale content. By doing so, we can confidently say our solution is leading the way to help these visionary creators, actually reach an audience, today.”

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