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Wales Interactive Releases Locomotion Update for Horror Title Don’t Knock Twice on PlayStation VR

The update is live in Europe with the America patch expected on 2nd October.

Earlier this month Wales Interactive released its virtual reality (VR) horror experience Don’t Knock Twice for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Today, the studio has announced a major update for the PlayStation VR version, adding locomotion improvements.

Posting the announcement on Reddit, Wales Interactive is making it easier to walk around the scary mansion with hand-forward and head-forward movement depending on what you find most comfortable. The former means that you can move in the direction the move controller is pointed, while the latter moves you in the direction the headset is facing with turning only allowed when the walk button is released.

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There’s also a change to the rotation settings. Standard is the 30 degree snap rotation with the update adding smooth rotation as well – although some players may suffer with nausea using this option.

VRFocus reviewed the PC version of Don’t Knock Twice giving it three stars, saying that it: “doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to building the blood curdling atmosphere straight from the off”.

Check out the full changelog below and for further Don’t Knock Twice updates, keep reading VRFocus.

Hand-Forward Locomotion

  • Walk in the direction your hand is facing (Move Controller). Rotate the Move controller to strafe left and right, whilst being able to look around freely.

Head-Forward Locomotion

  • Walk in the direction your head is facing (DS4 & Move Controller). After walking is initiated, your head camera will be unlocked, leaving you free to look around whilst travelling in the direction you initiated. To turn, let go of the Walk button then re-engage to walk in the direction your head is now facing.

Smooth Rotation

  • We recognise not everyone gets a weak stomach when playing in VR so you now have the option to turn on smooth rotation! Warning: for people who easily get motion sickness we recommend sticking with the 30 degree snap rotation.

Head Offset

  • This option has been tweaked to further increase the range slider. While this game was optimised at the correct height for our setup, some setups may be calibrated slightly differently so if you’re having trouble reaching the floor or if you’re in baby height mode, please head into the options to tweak this slider.

General Bug Fixes

  • German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese localisation updated.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Read” hint not to appear on readable items.
  • Fixed an issue causing teleportation to break after taking the headset off.
  • Fixed multiple areas where collisions would cause you to get stuck.
  • Disabled some graphics options which weren’t used in VR.
  • Fixed the game pausing or going to black screen during the loading screen if you take the headset off.
  • Fixed an issue causing your character to rotate whilst you rotate objects in VR with a DS4 controller.
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash when going to graphics settings with the DS4 controller.
  • Fixed lighting issues on some of the doors.
  • General optimisation pass *** For those who have already played the game, we thank you for your support! For those who have been waiting for this update to play then we thank you for your patience 🙂
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