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Watch A Videogame Music Symphony in VR

GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN 23rd CONCERT ~ JAPAN Studio music festival 2017 ~ Coloring PlayStation Will be available to watch on PlayStation VR.

It has becomes increasingly popular to hold concerts and recitals featuring music from videogames. The success of these concerts demonstrates the enduring popularity of the music created for videogames, as well as the growing recognition of videogame music as its own sub-genre. PlayStation VR users will soon be able to experience a VR videogame concert from the comfort of home.

For many people, the big videogame concert events are out of reach for reasons such as money or geography. With PlayStation VR, you can strap on the headset and experience the 23rt Concert of the Game Symphony Japan at the Japan Studio Music Festival, 2017. This particular concert was called Colouring PlayStation, and featured some of the most beautiful and iconic music to be featured on Sony’s consoles.

Music from titles such as, Gravity Daze, Gravity Daze 2, Wild Arms, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian and ICO are featured, played with a full orchestra and able to be experienced in virtual reality theatre style.

You can watch the trailer video below.

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