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Weekend Deal and New titles For Viveport

Grave VR is available at a 50% discount on the Viveport platform.

HTC Vive users have an opportunity to grab a Weekend Deal for horror title Grave VR, just in time for some spooky Halloween videogaming. Alternatively, several new titles are now available on the platform if horror is not your thing.

Grave VR is a survival horror title where light is your only weapon. Set in a barren desert, during the day players are relatively safe; able to explore their surroundings to find useful things, especially objects such as torches or flares. Once darkness falls, the dead come out to play, and light is your only means of survival – though not all enemies are weak to it. Grave VR is currently available on Viveport with a 50% discount, reducing the price from £13.93 (GBP) to £6.97.

New titles that have recently been added to Viveport include Masterpiece VR, a virtual reality (VR) sandbox tool for 3D modelling that lets users create a share 3D works of art within a VR environment. YOU by Sharecare is also new to the platform, a medical and healthcare app. Cat Sorter VR, a colourful tongue-in-cheek title where players need to fix up poor cats who have been created with shark fins or lobster claws and turn them back into the adorable fluffy creatures they are meant to be.

Another new title on Viveport is Manifest 99, a story-driven VR experience set aboard a train, featuring several mysterious characters whose backgrounds and motivations the player must unravel. For those who feel like something a bit more musical, there is Jam Studio VR, a musical VR experience that is designed to let anyone find out how it feels to create and compose music.

Further information can be found on the Viveport website.

VRFocus will continue to report on new discounts and deals for VR hardware and software.

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