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Antycip Creates Immersive VR room For Automotive Firm

Automotive supplier Hutchinson installs two VR interactive rooms for design and engineering courtesy of Antycip Simulation.

Despite being a relatively new technology, virtual reality (VR) has already proven its value to many industries, and has begun to see a variety of enterprise and business applications. One of the most notable is the automotive industry, where use of VR can save companies time and money. Antycip Simulation have provided just such functionality to Automotive supplier Hutchinson with two new immersive VR rooms.

Hutchinson hired Antycip to create a four-sided immersive environment to allow its designers and engineers to work in a virtual environment to manipulate 3D objects. Using a VR visor and a controller, users can enter the virtual area and walk all around a VR object to view and manipulate it from all angles, tracked by several infra red cameras.

A second room provides a 4K interactive wall that has been designed to be used for demonstrations. The 4K video wall is powered by a Christie Mirage 4K 120Hz projector and provides a resolution of 4096×2160. The glass screen even acts like a giant touch screen, allowing users to zoom in to view objects more closely, or rotate models for a different angle.

Jean-Yves Lachartre, IT manager in the Research & Innovation Centre at Hutchinson, comments: “These rooms are made available to our colleagues and clients to collaboratively work on various projects and to help with the design of new products. The VR and 3D simulation capabilities allow for a far more realistic working approach compared to classic presentation rooms.”

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