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Anzu.io Discuss Bridging The Gap Between Marketing and User Experience in VR & AR

Advertising has been the backbone for every global company, it will be the same for VR and AR.

VRFocus sat down and spoke to Ben Fenster, the CEO and Co-Founder of Anzu.io to talk about how they’re trying to help developers working in the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) get access to advertising money, and get brands and companies to sell their products in the virtual space.

Anzu.io is an Israeli 3D advertising company whose mission is to bridge the gap between advertising and user experience. They realised that a lot of mobile VR developers were finding it difficult to find viable advertising solutions and were competing with giants such as Coca-Cola creating an unbalanced and unfair market for advertising space. Fenster believes that advertising has been the backbone of every global media and “it won’t be any different for VR or AR”.

Anzu.io has different ways of bringing advertisements into the VR and AR space. They also want to do this by being the least intrusive and not disrupt the immersive experience. Advertisement agencies can choose to blend existing 2D advertising materials into a VR or AR game and with the help of 3D ad tracking, they are able to collect data on the impression ads have on their audiences. Anzu.io can tailor make the advert as well, allowing the ad to pop up if users are on a specific device, finished a particular level and much more. Fenster believes this is a win-win situation where developers will finally find a way to produce VR or AR content cheaper whilst simultaneously giving advertising companies precious data of users viewing their ads.

When asked if this would be used for 360 videos Fenster said he supported the medium, “but we see it as a very high barrier. Today to produce a high quality 360 video you need very expensive equipment. You need a crew that even know how to direct such a film, and produce such a film and create a script for it. It’s not scalable in the way it’s being made.”

If you are a developer working on an AR or VR game or experience and are interested in Anzu.io, they are in private launch. If you do go to their website and click developers, you can fill in information about who you are and what you’re working on in order to be selected. If you’re happy to wait, Anzu.io will be accessible to the public at Q1 with an SDK that can work on PC, Mac, Android, consoles and will support Unity, Unreal Engine and native API for other videogame engines.

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