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AR Application WorkLink To Help Show You ‘How To’ With Animated 3D Models

Say goodbye to paper instructions and badly shot YouTube videos – if Scope AR have their way.

VRFocus has covered WorkLink before, but managed to get an interview with Scope AR’s Co-Founder and CEO Scott Montgomerie about their mixed reality (MR) application for the Microsoft Hololens at the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) in San Francisco, USA for a hands-on look at it’s capabilities. 

The idea is that with WorkLink, you bring in CAD models (3D models) from manufacturing and design processes into a flowchart that’s not too dissimilar to a Microsoft Visio Flowcharts.

A Microsoft Visio Flowchart

This flowchart would define the steps in a particular procedure. Each of these steps can be define things such as text, video, audio, text-to-speech and then associate these CAD models with real equipment. You would then build animations of the CAD models to create intuitive instructions. In other words, it would be a ‘how to’ guide on how to do certain actions or procedures, which would make training and manufacturing easier as well as help in maintenance use cases.

The application is cross-platform and available for iOS, Android, Windows Surface and the Microsoft Hololens. Montgomerie recommends using the Hololens, because of the ability to be hands-free. Using a tablet or phone would require a user to hold up the phone or tablet to do the procedure, but is also therefore cheaper and consumer friendly. At the moment it is being used in mining, automotive industry, utilities, manufacturing and consumer products goods. Montgomerie imagines that in the future, this can be used to fix almost anything from a spark plug to a dishwasher at home.

WorkLink currently does not have object recognition, therefore that doesn’t mean you can fix anything and everything, but require the company to have built instructions and guides using WorkLink. Montgomerie expects that it would still be a few years away for object recognition to be available.

To find out more watch the video below:

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