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Bartender VR Simulator Coming To Steam

Progress from serving drinks in a lowly dive bar up to a high-class skyscraper in Bartender VR Simulator.

If you ever saw the Tom Cruise movie ‘Cocktail‘ and wished you could live that life, you will soon have that chance with upcoming virtual reality (VR) simulator title Bartender VR Simulator, which was developed with the aid of Bartending World Champion Tomasz Malek.

Bartender VR Simulator allows players to travel around the world to work in various exotic locations in four fully-equipped virtual bars to make popular drinks and cocktails. The title offers a type of progression, first mastering how to make four specific drinks in a music club, then progressing on to a beach bar, learning new drinks and facing new challenges, eventually progressing to a high-class bar in a city skyscraper.

Players will need to master increasingly complex drinks, being awarding with points for serving drinks quickly and preparing them accurately. You can also get extra points for adding some performance to your bartending, such as juggling glasses or spinning bottles.

The development team at VR Factory had this to say: “From the very beginning, one of our main assumptions was to take the full advantage of all that the VR technology offers, so that we could faithfully reproduce in the virtual reality the rules and conditions in which professional bartenders do their job. To achieve this, with the expertise of Tomek Małek, a Bartending World Champion, we developed a complex system for simulating gripping and integrated NVIDIA’s Flex technology which allowed us to achieve almost real-life physical representation of fluids – thanks to that, each liquid in the game has its own unique dynamics and reflects the real liquids used by bartenders.”

Bartender VR Simulator is available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via Steam. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page.

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