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Blockchain-Powered VR Livestreaming Platform To Open ICO

Prosense will launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on 3rd November, 2017.

Blockchain and crypto-currency has become an increasingly powerful force in the world of technology and software. One company attempting to take advantage of this is Prosense, who are opening up an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to the public in November.

Prosense is a decentralised peer-to-peer network designed to allow livestreaming of virtual reality (VR) content. The company is based in St Petersburg, Russia, where it has previously made a name for itself providing broadcast services for sport, cultural and business events.

The Initial Coin Offering will open to the public on 3rd November, 2017 and close on 28th December, 2017. The Prosense Token VRP is intended to provide a secure internal currency that can be used by Prosense customers to pay providers for the VR content they wish to experience, with a percentage of every transaction going to node owners as an incentive for keeping the network stable.

The decentralised nature of the Prosense set-up allows for proportional growth with demand, without need for an initial large outlay for server equipment costs. User computers form the basis of the network, with certain computer clusters forming a Node, which will be eligible to earn Tokens and will also be responsible for maintaining stability and security.

“Over the last five years more than $3.5 billion have been invested in AR/VR technologies and livestreaming in particular is expected to drive a significant amount of growth for this market in the coming years,” said Stan Glukhoedov, chief executive officer of Prosense.tv. “Currently, one of the biggest challenges for streaming live content – and especially live VR content – is the lack of adequate infrastructure to accommodate the massive files and deliver an excellent end-user experience to audiences at scale. ProsenseLive will solve this while also offering content creators greater transparency and a fair distribution of revenue.”

Further information on Prosense can be found on the official website.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Prosense as it becomes available.

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