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Break a Leg Brings its Full Experience to Samsung Gear VR Next Week

apelab are updating the popular adventure videogame to a full experience in time for Halloween.

Have you ever fantasised about summoning objects, uttering powerful spells or become the greatest illusionist of the universe? This Halloween you’ll be able to grab your wand and enter the world of Break a Leg, apelab’s virtual reality (VR) adventure for Samsung Gear VR.

Break a Leg screenshot 1Having debuted with its first chapter in June of this year, apelab are back with the full Break a Leg experience. 60,000 gamers already downloaded Break a Leg‘s debut release, and the full videogame will be released exclusively on the Oculus Store next week. Using the new Gear VR Controller as a wand, players will have to perform magic tricks and master the codes in a world inspired by Harry Houdini and his fellow illusionists.

Players must levitate objects from distant locations, conjure an audience, shrink to the size of a mouse and much more in order to solve the puzzles within Break a Leg.

“We gave Break a Leg all the passion that we have for interactive VR and magic shows. It is not only an adventure we took time crafting, it has also been a challenging project allowing us to build new production pipelines. SpatialStories saved us production time but more importantly gave the creative team the tools they needed to achieve their vision. And we hope it shows in the final product,” said Emilie Joly, CEO at apelab.

Break a Leg’s debut was married with the launch of the new Gear VR Controller earlier this year. A number of other alternatives for the Samsung Gear VR are available, and you can find out more in VRFocusguide to the best gamepads for the Gear VR.

Break a Leg screenshot 2The full Break a Leg adventure will be released on 30th October 2017, available for Samsung Gear VR exclusively via the Oculus Store. Other editions of Break a Leg have already been announced, including a version for Google and Vive’s forthcoming all-in-one head-mounted display (HMD), currently believed to be named the ‘HTC Vive Focus’.

Break a Leg is also expected to come to other VR platforms in due course, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other VR titles from apelab.

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