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Brynley Gibson From Kuju Discusses The Chainsmokers Paris.VR and the Importance of Interactivity

People from film have to learn interactivity – a key component that comes from gaming.

Nina Salomons from VRFocus sat down with Brynley Gibson, Head of Studios at Curve Digital and Kuju to discuss virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) at the Open City Documentary Festival in London. Ex-Sony, Gibson was executive producer for Sony’s PlayStation VR Worlds, which were made up of five different VR experiences. This led Gibson down a road to immersive storytelling in VR and AR.

Brynley_GibsonGibson’s past experiences working in unconventional games and new technology led him to pursue his own work and since Sony, he has been working on the Chainsmokers Paris. VR, an interactive VR music video wherein which the player can interact with their surroundings and remix bits of sound from the band The Chainsmokers. Gibson says, “I played loads of VR and I kept playing VR, and I was like you know what? There is something different here. It’s a different experience it, it was sort of an emotional experience that you couldn’t get from other mediums.”

Gibson is currently working on an AR mobile app with other various VR projects in the background. When it comes to AR Gibson says, “there’s a steep learning curve, there’s some stuff we can bring over from VR, but really it’s quite its own beast.” At the Open City Documentary Festival, Gibson was brought on a panel to discuss how gaming’s interactivity is a key component necessary for building immersion and how people coming from film have to learn this.

Find Chainsmokers Paris.VR for the PlayStation VR on the PlayStation Store here, it’s free. To find out more tips from Gibson, watch the video below.

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