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Captain A Starship For Halloween When You Buy An HTC Vive On Steam

Star Trek: Bridge Crew added to Fallout 4 VR for a limited time.

If you’re an HTC Vive owner, or would be owner there’s been plenty to read about today thus far on VRFocus and we suspect there’s still some more to come before the end of the day.

This morning we brought you news of a video the Vive team had released about their activity, and that relating to their partners in virtual reality (VR), from September’s PAX West event in Seattle, Washington. Elsewhere, Vive’s Creative Labs team has been busy retooling a Vive space within SteamVR, and the resulting Home area called Driftwood has now been released. Lastly, following an earlier announcement by NVIDIA regarding a new GPU, the GTX 1070 Ti, there was news of a new bundle on the Vive store allowing American users the chance to purchase the HTC Vive head mounted display (HMD) along with the regular GTX 1070.

That bundle comes with a pre-order of Bethesda Softworks title Fallout 4 VR, a full virtual reality reworking of “the complete core game” (i.e. it will not include the title’s pre-existing DLC) of the 2015 videogame and the latest in the highly popular and award winning Fallout franchise. On seeing the title for a second time at this year’s Gamescom event we VRFocus Editor Kevin Joyce noted in his preview that the latest demonstration “has done nothing to dampen this eagerness” or the anticipation for it.

Now, introduced for the the Steam Halloween Sale is a new bundle option that will also see you for a limited time also gain a copy of Ubisoft and Red Storm’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew for any Vive purchased made through the HTC Vive page on Steam. Worth £39.99 normally, the title which sees you take on a number of roles (either the Captain, Helm, Engineering or Tactical Officer) aboard the bridge of the Federation starship USS Aegis.

VRFocus writer Peter Graham’s review of the title back at launch confirmed that although there is a single-player mode multiplayer was clearly the star: “For a videogame where you’re essentially sat at a desk pressing buttons the entire time Star Trek: Bridge Crew is still a very engaging experience. Completing missions with fellow players offers a really rewarding challenge as it’s only through concise teamwork that missions can be completed, building up a camaraderie that’s very difficult to achieve in other multiplayer titles – or just none existent. It’s an experience that thrives on player interaction and developer Red Storm Entertainment has delivered a formula that works exceptionally well.”

The addition of Star Trek: Bridge Crew will only be available until 1st November 2017. For more bundles and offers check out the HTC Vive page on Steam, and for more VR news be sure to check out the latest on VRFocus.

Star Trek Bridge Crew - USS_Aegis_Screenshot

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