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Dave Ranyard: What Makes a Great Immersive Experience?

The crossroads between artificial intelligence and immersive technologies will be the most exciting.

VRFocus sat down with Dave Ranyard, CEO of Reality Dream Interactive at Open City Documentary Festival to talk about what he’s working on now, how artificial intelligence (A.I.) will change storytelling and the pitfalls of interactivity in immersive technologies.

After twenty years of working at Sony on augmented and virtual videogames, Ranyard decided to set up Reality Dream Interactive. At the moment he’s working on a project called Hold the World with sir David Attenborough and the Natural History Museum as well as a couple of unannounced projects.

Ranyard explains in the video interview below how he’s incredibly excited to finally use his knowledge on A.I. as computers are now finally able to scale and compute in order to do something real. He also discusses how non-fiction VR films that are short and with good intent or approach to storytelling have  had a great impact on charities using them to showcase and educate the world on various topics. Ranyard also warns creators that if interactivity or volumetric VR does not necessarily make the experience better and can ultimately distract from a strong narrative.

To find out more about what makes a great immersive experience watch the video below.

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