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Demo Fishing Master Today on PlayStation VR Ahead of Launch This Month

Fishing Master will launch on 24th October.

Ever fancy taking a break from the hectic shooters, or mind bending puzzle titles on PlayStation VR and try an experience a little more laid back? Fishing is generally seen as one of those hobbies that’s a bit more easy going – especially in videogame form – so fans of catching these aquatic creatures will be pleased to know Snowball Games will be releasing Fishing Master later this month. 

Just like most fishing videogames, Fishing Master skips the negative parts of the activity, from waking up early, getting chilled to the bone, and those long periods where the fish just don’t want to bite, and focuses on bit that people enjoy the most, that one-on-one fight between you and fish.

In preparation for the launch on 24th October the studio has released a demo so that players can get a taste of the gameplay and what’s to come. The demo features one location, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, where they can try their luck at landing a big catch with the iconic landmark in the background. Offering 30-60 minutes of gameplay, the Fishing Master  demo will teach players how to control and battle the fish, from hooking it in the first place to avoiding snapping the line or breaking the fishing rod.

When fully released the full experience will offer 12 different sites, including the chilly waterways of the Arctic and the pristine waters of Lake Geneva in the Alps. There will also be a multiplayer mode, with tournaments pitting anglers across the globe to secure the biggest catch.

Download the Fishing Master demo from the PlayStation Store today, and for any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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