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DOOM VFR Confirmed to Be Aim Controller Compatible

After much speculation, DOOM VFR is confirmed to work with PlayStation Aim controller peripheral.

Sony have been waving the virtual reality (VR) flag high during Paris Games Week, kicking off the event with a slew of announcements for the VR platform, providing updates on some titles that were already known about as well as announcing some brand-new titles. The announcement are not over yet, however, as it has now been confirmed that DOOM VFR will be compatible with the PlayStation Aim controller.

Last week an update to the US PlayStation Store listing for DOOM VFR seemed to suggest that the title would indeed be compatible with the Aim Controller peripheral, which was introduced earlier this year alongside sci-fi FPS Farpoint. Many PlayStation VR users has been hoping for Aim controller compatibility to increase the immersion of the experience. The Aim controller has proven to be a very popular peripheral with users, with several titles already incorporating compatibility, such as Arizona Sunshine and The Brookhaven Experiment.

DOOM VFR is one of the most anticipated VR titles of this year, and will be following the mechanics of 2016’s DOOM fairly tightly, though offering some VR twists on gameplay, along with a new story. The new protagonist for DOOM VFR is a scientist who was working at the facility where the DOOM franchise’s famous BFG gun is developed. Caught up in a demonic invasion, the scientist is killed, but their consciousness is uploaded into a machine, which allows the player to take control of a gun-toting security robot and take on the demonic hordes.

DOOM VFR screenshot

DOOM VFR has been available for attendees at Paris Game Week to try out, boasting a new playable build of the title which features some improvements and fixes over versions seen at previous events.

You can check out a VRFocus video on DOOM VFR below.

The title is due to be released on PlayStation VR and HTC Vive on 1st December 2017.

VRFocus will bring you further news on DOOM VFR as it becomes available.

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