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Early Access now Available for NVIDIA’s Holodeck VR Platform

Design and build using NVIDIA’s photo-realistic VR platform.

During NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) earlier this year the company revealed Project Holodeck to the world, a virtual reality (VR) platform that would allow users to build and explore creations together in a VR environment, wherever they are in the world. Today it has announced that applications are now open for the early access version.

Whether you’re a product designer, application developer, architect or any other type of 3D content creator, NVIDIA Holodeck offers an immersive, photoreal experience with real-world physics so that customers can streamline their review processes and reduce the need for physical prototyping when dealing with scenes or models for example.


“NVIDIA Holodeck empowers designers to bring peers, partners and customers along the design journey to explore intricate, life-like 3D worlds together and ensure that the best ideas are discovered,” said Bob Pette, vice president of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA in a statement. “It’s an unparalleled environment for deploying and testing AI-based agents — and will only get better as we add more AI capabilities.”

For design professionals, NVIDIA Holodeck early access is the first opportunity for them to experiment with the platform’s capabilities and help guide future development. For those interested, sign up for Holodeck early access here.

“During our design process, teams of our engineers and scientists work together to imagine an idea, plan a design, create that model, experiment and test that solution, then take time to reiterate and improve the original – all steps that are crucial to mission success at NASA,” said Frank Delgado, lead for NASA’s Hybrid Reality Lab. “With Holodeck, we will be able to clearly visualize our models, easily collaborate in a physically simulated environment, and review to ensure the efficiency and safety of our designs.”

In the future, NVIDIA’s Holodeck updates aim to address deep learning techniques in virtual environments, including capabilities for AI-based training, simulation and content creation.

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