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Echo Arena artwork

Echo Arena Will Be Getting Big Expansion

Lone Echo will also be getting new story missions.

Lone Echo and its multiplayer spin-off Echo Area has been one of the big virtual reality (VR) success stories recently. Many users have even spoken of Echo Arena as the killer experience that new VR users should try. Now users will soon have more content to play with, as a new expansion to the title will be coming next year.

Ready at Dawn have confirmed that a large expansion to the title will be heading to Oculus Rift next year. It was also confirmed that the story of Lone Echo will be continuing, so players who prefer to play solo, or who want to know what the next chapter of the story will be also have that to look forward to.

It has not been confirmed exactly what the new updates will confirm, but it is assumed that there will be additional story missions introduced into Lone Echo. The next significant expansion for Echo Arena will be titled Echo Combat.

Echo Arena

Echo Arena is available for free until 20th October, 2017, making it a tempting prospect to Oculus Rift users. Developers at Ready at Dawn also recently introduced an update that allowed for better matchmaking as well as improving performance for less-powerful PC set-ups.

Lone Echo got a full five-star review from VRFocus, saying: “Lone Echo perfectly showcases how a beautiful cinematic experience can be achieved in VR, from the storyline, to the graphics through to the gameplay, all of it’s been worked together to create a videogame of epic proportions.”

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest news from Oculus Connect.

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