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EVERSPACE – Encounters to add 10 Hours of Content Later This Month

The expansion will be coming to PC at the end of October.

ROCKFISH Games has today announced its latest expansion for EVERSPACE, an update called ‘Encounters’ that’ll see over ten hours of gameplay added to the core title the studios reports, as well as plenty of extra content additions.

New to the mix is a medium fighter class ship called the Colonial Sentinel, which is armed electronic warfare capabilities and a special shield that features twice as much capacity as the standard model. Players will also get a bunch of new weapons, devices and consumables to experiment with, allowing them alter tactics to distract, fool and destroy enemies.

EVERSPACE - Encounters screenshot

ROCKFISH Games also included new factory space stations to mix up the gameplay experience, offering special on-the-fly services, like refining and converting resources, upgrading ship capabilities or minor repair jobs.

Part of the additional ten hours of content comes from pilots being able to visit the Okkar Homeworld, where they’ll encounter new types of enemies and new story characters, who will offer individual questlines. This also aims to encourage players who’ve finished the main storyline to come back and find out about what these characters are up to and unveil further secrets hidden in the galaxy.

EVERSPACE – Encounters be released on Steam and GOG.com end of October, supporting both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  ROCKFISH Games has migrated the title to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.17 to support Xbox One X, hitting the new console and Xbox One in early February, 2018, supporting 4K and improved graphics at 1080p on Xbox One X.

The last big update came in August when the studio a Hardcore Mode, TrackIR, and customisable HOTAS (joystick) support to its fast-paced roguelike space shooter.

For the latest updates on EVERSPACE look no further than VRFocus.

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