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Face Your Fears Stranger Things DLC Available Now

Face your Fears DLC based on Netflix show Stranger Things available now for free download.

Stranger Things has been a smash hit for Netflix, reveling in the 80s setting to weave in multiple familiar 80s pop culture references whilst simultaneously weaving a compelling story that has captured the imagination of audiences. Developer Turtle Rock are trying to tap into the popularity with the release of free Stranger Things themed DLC for Samsung Gear VR title Face Your Fears.

Announced at the Oculus Connect event, Turtle Rock have partnered with Netflix and Oculus to bring a taste of the uncanny world of Stranger Things to the Samsung Gear VR. The DLC is free to download for users who already have a copy of Face Your Fears, and features an original story based on the hit Netflix show.

Tying into the seconds season of Stranger Things, as well as drawing on all the spookiness that is traditional at Halloween, the DLC lets players travel to the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana to encounter some strange events, eventually encountering the dark, twisted other dimension of Stranger Things known as ‘the Upside Down’.

Face your Fears was originally released on Samsung Gear VR on Halloween 2016, and put players in situations where many common phobias would be brought to life. Several scenarios are featured in the title, such as Skyscraper, where the user is atop a very high building. If you peer over the site, you will see a deadly killer robot slowly ascending towards you. Or Haunting, where the player is a small child surrounded by creaks and groans and bumps in the night. Is just the ordinary sounds of a old house, or something far more dangerous?

Face Your Fears and the Stranger Things DLC are both available for free download. Further details can be found on the Oculus Store.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Face Your Fears and other new VR content as it becomes available.

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