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Fidelity Empathy Training2

Fidelity Using STRIVR to Train Employees Using Google Daydream

Call handlers see and learn some of the possible situations happening from a customer perspective.

Virtual reality (VR) training company STRIVR is already well known for its immersive teaching systems which are used by the NFL, NCAA, NBA and NHL for their athletes. It’s not just sport that STRIVR is interested in, using its expertise to help major companies like Wal-Mart, United Rentals and now Fidelity to train employees on customer service, management, and empathy.

Fidelity is a financial services company that’s been using VR as a means to help improve its customer service by allowing call handlers to see the other side of their conversations with callers.

“The training is a choose-your-own-adventure experience, bringing the trainee into a virtual call center to help understand the impact of listening and helping the Fidelity customer through real-life scenarios,” Fidelity’s Adam Schouela explains in a blog posting. “Throughout the training, the Fidelity employee is “transported” between the call center and the customer’s living room to view the environment, facial expressions and personal perspective.”

Fidelity Empathy Training3

In one simulation Fidelity associate Sam: “observes the customer is staring at a pile of medical bills. In the background is a pair of crutches, and he can see she appears stressed and frustrated. He is then presented with a series of options of what to do next, and applies what he learned about this customer’s situation to guide her through the transaction.”

“He was able to observe what happened immediately following their phone call,” Schouela continues. “The customer calls her adult daughter, who is either happy to hear the outcome of her mother’s call, or is upset that Sam didn’t provide certain options. The trainee is able to quickly sense the impact of the help he provided and observe the feelings that are created as a result. He is transported back to his desk to assess and re-evaluate certain steps he made in the conversation.”

This type of VR training is useful in all types of situations where companies have to deal with customers remotely, giving a great sense of what they might be going through and how best to handle what can be stressful situations.

As STRIVR continues its training expansion to more industries, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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