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Fishing Master Casts onto PlayStation VR this Week; Demo Now Available

Beating Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV to the catch, Snowball Games’ Fishing Master launches this week.

Snowball Games has today launched the studio’s debut virtual reality (VR) title, Fishing Master, exclusively on PlayStation VR. Fishing Master has been built to bypass the ‘worst’ parts of fishing and focuses instead on the ‘best’ part: the battle of man versus fish.

Designed specifically for the PlayStation VR head-mounted display, Fishing Master offers players not only the feeling that you’re in a boat on the water, but also being able to take in the incredible scenery of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay. The full videogame offers 12 different sites, including locations such as the chilly waterways of the Arctic and the pristine waters of Lake Geneva in the Alps.

Played with the PlayStation Move, Fishing Master aims to recreate the feeling of a fishing rod in your hand. After you’ve hooked a fish, it also then vibrates in accordance to the fish’s attempts to get free. Once you get your catch in the boat, you’ll be able to transport it to your personal aquarium. Multiplayer tournaments are also available in Fishing Master.

The animated gifs on this page demonstrate some of the action set to be seen in Fishing Master. If you’re not yet ready to dive into the full release however, a demo version of the videogame is available to download via the PlayStation Store now, both in the US and Europe.

According to Flora Wang of Snowball Games: “We’re sure that you won’t be able to resist the lure of the Fishing Master demo, which provides up to an hour of gameplay. Jump into a boat and take to the waves in search of large prizes. There’s no doubt after playing the Fishing Master demo, you’ll be hooked.”

Fishing Master has today launched for the PlayStation VR, available digitally via the PlayStation Store. There are currently no other fishing experiences available for the PlayStation VR, and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV spin-off, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, isn’t set to launch until next month.

VRFocus will keep you updated with any additional information on Fishing Master, as well as further virtual reality (VR) titles developed by Snowball Games.

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