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Pavlov VR: GoldenEye 007's Facility

GoldenEye 007’s Facility Level Gets Remade in VR

Solidhaus has recreated the fan-favourite level for the forthcoming Pavlov VR.

davevillz’s popular Steam Early Access title, Pavlov VR, made its debut earlier this year. Since then the developer has introduced Steam Workshop support, and the latest addition brings a recreation of one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) maps in videogame history to Pavlov VR.

Pavlov VR: GoldenEye 007's Facility

Pavlov VR is a multiplayer FPS designed specifically for the HTC Vive. The videogame launched via Steam Early Access in February 2017 and since has received continuous updates in response to player feedback, typically once per month. In May 2017, davevillz added Steam Workshop support to Pavlov VR, allowing players to design their own maps for the videogame.

The recreation of the Facility map from the Nintendo 64’s groundbreaking GoldenEye 007 comes via Solidhaus, a team of two players who, following davevillz’s example, have continued to update the map in response to player feedback.

“Solidhaus presents the second mission from the game that started it all: Facility from GoldenEye 007,” states the official description of the map on the Steam Workshop page. “Remembered as one of the first shooters that did it right, it’s time to bring this classic to VR. 20 years later, here it is!”

Solidhaus is aware that it has its work cut out in order to satisfy an ardent fanbase of the original as well as making the experience acceptable for modern virtual reality (VR) gameplay. The team has offered players the opportunity to directly provide feedback via the Steam Workshop page for the map. The short video of the map in action that can be seen on this page comes from one such player, known as Tuuvas on Reddit.

Other maps that have been recreated by players for Pavlov VR include several Counterstrike maps, GoldenEye 007’s Complex level, areas from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. You can find a huge selection – currently over 100 in total – of maps for Pavlov VR on the videogame’s Steam Workshop page.

Pavlov VR remains a Steam Early Access title currently, with no official word on when the final build of the videogame will be published. davevillz is hard at work creating new updates and the player base remains high, so its likely that Pavlov VR will only grow between now and its final launch. VRFocus will keep you updated with further VR innovation from players via the Steam Workshop.

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