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Guns n Stories: Bulletproof VR poster

Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR Act II Now Available for Early Access Owners

MiroWin has today launched the second act of their VR wave shooter, Guns ‘n’ Stories.

Independent developer MiroWin today announced that Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR is getting its next big Early Access update, as the second act of the videogame is now available to download. Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR Act II is free to all existing owners of the videogame.

Guns n Stories: Bulletproof VR screenshotGuns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR is a stylish, irreverent take on the virtual reality (VR) wave shooter.  With Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR Act II, players can continue their journey into the strange and surreal world of Old Bill’s memories.

“We couldn’t be happier to share Act II with everybody,” said Michael Shkaredniy of MiroWin, “Not only does the story get even crazier, but with new enemy types, weapons and an awesome new boss, Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR is even better than before.” While the first act of Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR was set against the intense, bright heat of the wild west, Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR Act II will introduce you to the cold, tranquil beauty of the American frontier at night. Old Bill continues his journey to save the denizens of Sintown, making his way to the perilous Casper & Jasper Fort.

VRFocus has previously dived into the videogame, stating in a hands-on preview of Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR; “Mention wave shooters to a VR player and they’ll probably roll their eyes. Titles in this genre need to have something special about them to even be worthwhile. The Secret Locations’ Blasters of the Universe had it and Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR looks like it might as well. So long as MiroWin adds plenty of content during early access then Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR could very well be a hit.”

Guns n Stories: Bulletproof VR screenshotWith new enemies to face, fresh weapons to master and a tough as old cowboy boots new boss to face, Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR Act II will challenge players’ sharp shootin’ skills in new ways. Available via Steam and Oculus Home as an Early Access title now, Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR Act II is free to download for all owners of Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Guns ‘n’ Stories: Bulletproof VR and other VR titles from MiroWin.

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