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Dimension studio photo

Hammerhead & Microsoft Open Volumetric Capture Studio for VR Videogames & Experiences

New studio Dimension will be the first volumetric capture studio in the UK designed for VR videogames and experiences.

Hammerhead VR has today announced the opening of Dimension, a new volumetric video and 3D capture studio, in partnership with Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio and Digital Catapult. Dimension captures humans and objects in volumetric detail; delivering significant advantages to the visual quality that can be achieved the creation of virtual humans and environments for videogames and experiences both in immersive and 2D media.

Dimension studio photoBased in London, Dimension has been established to harnesses six years of Microsoft research and is one of only three such studios globally, alongside Microsoft’s own Mixed Reality Capture Studio in Redmond, WA and their newly launched San Francisco location. A facility designed for the rapidly growing immersive technology and content sector, Dimension features 106 cameras capturing life-like quality; a robust solution for volumetric and mixed reality video capture.

“Together with Hammerhead and Microsoft we are delighted to bring the world’s most advanced immersive technology to the UK,” says Dr Jeremy Silver, CEO of Digital Catapult. “Dimension enables production of extraordinarily life-like digital assets making stories, experiences and applications even more compelling. Compared to current animated content, the potential impact of truly lifelike VR/AR/MR experiences is enormous putting the UK at the heart of the immersive industry.”

Dimension’s website suggests the studio offers services in the capturing of facial data, performance, creation of environments and volumetric video. Production and animation houses can book the studio on a commercial basis, and is also available to researchers working in the immersive field.

“Dimension represents the next chapter in Hammerhead’s mission to create and enable high quality and extraordinarily immersive experiences,” comments Simon Windsor, Joint Managing Director of Hammerhead, the first Microsoft mixed reality capture software licensee in the UK. “Dimension offers huge opportunities across the entertainment and digital industries, producing volumetric video content at a greater level of realism and authenticity than ever before. We look forward to working with creative companies, such as UK broadcast partner, Sky, to harness this game-changing technology in exciting new ways – helping to contribute towards the UK’s proud heritage as a creative leader.”

Dimension studio photoDimension has valuable applications across many industries, including videogames, TV, film, fashion, digital manufacturing, health and education. The studio will be working Sky VR, amongst other broadcast partners, to produce unique experiences across drama, sport and documentaries.

“We are thrilled to partner with Digital Catapult and Hammerhead to create Dimension Studio, which is the first studio to license our Mixed Reality Capture Technology and take it to a global scale,” said Steve Sullivan, General Manager, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios. “This partnership aligns two of the UK’s most respected immersive content innovators to create more human moments in the experiences they deliver across a range of mediums.”

Bookings for Dimension are availability immediately, with the opportunity to enquire live on the studio’s official website. An official demo reel from the studio follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Dimension, as well as other initiatives in the medium of immersive media from Hammerhead VR, Digital Catapult and Microsoft.

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