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Highwire Games’ Long Awaited VR Adventure Golem Dated for 2018

The studio has been quiet for a while about Golem’s development.

A recent posting on the PlayStation Blog saw the sight detail over 60 videogames coming to PlayStation VR over the course of 2017 and into 2018. While many are well known titles such as Bravo Team, Stifled, Doom VFR, Moss, Gran Turismo Sport and many more, one experience made an appearance having been barely seen in over a year, and that was Highwire Games’ Golem.

First announced during the December 2015 PlayStation ExperienceGolem isn’t just Highwire Games’ first virtual reality (VR) title, but its first full stop. A PlayStation VR exclusive, the videogame puts you in a fantasy world: ‘where you see through the eyes of and take control over stone creatures in order to discover the connection between your family and the mysterious Endless City you’re in,’ states the studio’s description. “Along the way, you’ll find hidden treasure and valuable artifacts, while honing your melee skills to battle the Silent Watch, a band of hostile golems.” 

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This has been the first proper mention of Golem in 2017 – the last time VRFocus wrote anything about it was in March 2016 when the first gameplay trailer was released. Since then Highwire Games has been very quiet about development, scrolling through its own website only shows those initial announcements from 2015/16.

It’s reassuring to see Golem appear on the listing, showing that its still being worked on rather than disappearing into the ether. Plus the list does state ‘Early 2018’, yes it’s ambiguous but at least its a rough time frame and will likely mean more details will be coming soon, most likely during this Decembers PlayStation Experience.

As further announcements are made, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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