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HP Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset & Controllers Unboxing Video

What’s in the box? Find out.

Holiday season is almost upon us and fthose of you who have want to purchase a Christmas gift may be considering of buying one of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Headsets. If you need a quick run-down of the latest mixed reality (MR) headsets available from Microsoft, check out VRFocus’s rundown here. Since then, Microsoft announced a fall update, and VRFocus expect more developers to support the MR headsets. In short, expect more videogames, applications and experiences coming to Microsoft’s platform. Just a quick note that for gamers who aren’t sure about the headsets, Microsoft’s MR headsets will support SteamVR as well as support social virtual reality (VR) application AltSpace VR.

In the video below Dr. John Holder, Head of Technology & Special Projects of VR from the Realities Centre, unboxes HP’s Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Headset and controllers. The HP MR headset came in its own box and the two controllers in their own separate box. John goes through the weight of the headset, the comfort, wires, the controllers and the potential ability to hack into the controllers.

VRFocus will also be creating a set-up guide on how to install a Microsoft MR headset onto a Windows laptop. Stay tuned and subscribe to learn more about Microsoft’s latest MR headsets.

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