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HTC Files Tradmark For HTC Vive Eclipse In Europe

Rumours swirl as HTC files another VR-related Trademark in Europe, this time for the HTC Vive Eclipse.

Last month evidence emerged that the upcoming standalone headset based on the HTC Vive would be called the HTC Vive Focus, based on information gathered from a Trademark application. Now further information has come to light regarding another HTC Trademark application for a device called the HTC Vive Eclipse.

Most experts have so far come to the conclusion that the HTC Vive Focus will be the upcoming standalone virtual reality (VR) device that HTC Vive is producing based on Google Daydream technology, something that was announced at the Google I/O conference earlier this year.

HTC Vive Standalone headset

This does raise the question then, of exactly what the recently discovered HTC Vive Eclipse could be. Lets Go Digital originally discovered the Trademark application for the HTC Vive Eclipse after checking various Trademark databases across the world, finding the application originally in New Zealand. The same application has now made its way to Europe. Nothing has yet been confirmed about a similar Trademark application in North America.

With so little information to go on it is difficult to determine exactly what the HTC Vive Eclipse or HTC Vive Focus will be. Speculation has already begun amongst analysts, experts and interested consumers. Most seem to believe that one will be the standalone HTC Vive/Google Daydream device, with the other being a successor to the current HTC Vive, with some speculating that it could have wireless technology such as the TPCast bundled or integrated in.

At this stage it is, of course, impossible to be sure, but VRFocus will bring you the latest news once it becomes available.

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