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Immerse Yourself In Your Interior Designs With New HTC Vive App TrueScale

Vive Studios and Immersion want you to “gain a full picture” oif your final design

When it comes to interior design the trend we’ve often seen, especially since the release of both ARKit and ARCore augmented reality (AR) platforms has been a definite preference of AR over virtual reality (VR). This is particularly true in the retail sector where a number of businesses have turned to AR as a means to either showcase their products. That and/or determine whether or not they would fit in – either in scale or taste – with the owner’s home. 

These include companies such as American firm Lowe’s Companies, Inc – better known just as Lowe’s. Which, along with a number of other projects that included a Google Project Tango powered AR app called Lowe’s Vision worked to bring AR into stores and online. Back in June this year Apple teamed up with Swedish furniture giant IKEA to create an AR shopping app, Whilst other companies, such as DigitalBridge are using the technology for instance in renovations.

That’s not to say VR is being ignored in this field, with Home Depot working in 360 degrees with OmniVirt and both the aforementioned Lowe’s and IKEA having worked in VR as well.

It is, perhaps surprisingly, Vive Studios and Immersion who have provided the latest with the newly released TrueScale.

TrueScale allows users to seamlessly create, edit and explore their designed spaces in 2D, 3D, and in real scale for the ultimate design experience. As the user creates a floor plan, the app automatically generates a replicated 3D environment as a dollhouse-type model.” HTC Vive explain in their description. “Users can instantly transport themselves into their designs to gain a sense of scale and depth that cannot be achieved through traditional paper or graphics renders. HTC VIVE’s room-scale technology enables the freedom to walk around and explore a design space while making changes in real time. Using VR in this stage of the design process allows the user to gain a full picture of the final design as opposed to relying on imagination and blueprints.”

The application is in Early Access and solely supports HTC Vive at this time.  It can be bought right now from the Steam store for £15.49 (GBP) or the regional equivilent. You can see a trailer for the application below.

For an overview on how VR and immersive technologies could be potentially used in the future for the design and costruction industry VRFocus would recommend reading Amanda Comunale of Victaulic’s recent guest article on the subject. You can find that here.

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