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It Must Be Bunnies – Phantasma VR Discounted On Steam

Bunny-themed horror/room escape title has a 50% discount on Steam for Halloween horror videogaming.

Surreal horror/room escape title Phantasma has been out since June this year, and features a story involving a bunny called Flappy and a series of perplexing puzzles for users to solve. Now the title is available for a discount on Steam, just in time for spooky Halloween videgaming.

Developers The Shady Gentlemen have recently released an update for the title which has been labelled ‘The Good Bunny Update’, suitably matching the rest of the slightly disturbing bunny-obsessed aesthetic for the rest of the videogame. The new update adds a hint system and several other improvements to the overall experience as well as the expected bug fixes.

Phantasma VR comes from the developers who previously worked on Steamdolls and features a similar horror atmosphere. The story puts the players in the shoes of an unstable individual, which raises the possibility that what the player is perceiving may not be true reality as you search and solve puzzles, seeking to uncover a conspiracy threaded through the entertainment industry. It becomes a question of being ale to trust what you see and hear as you are asked, over and over ‘Are you a good bunny?’

The puzzles that the gameplay relies on are largely abstract, involving videos and other media as clues. The puzzle mechanics were largely inspired by hit titles The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour.

The title is currently available on Steam with a 50% discount, reducing the price to £7.49 (GBP) for the usual price of £14.99. Players looking for a VR horror title to try in time for Halloween might find this a tempting prospect.

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