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Jaunt VR Releases Experimental Experience Through You

The VR love story has been created by filmmaker Lily Baldwin and director Saschka Unseld.

Award-winning filmmaker and dancer Lily Baldwin and Emmy award-winning director Saschka Unseld (Henry , Dear Angelica) have created an experimental virtual reality (VR) experience Through You which Jaunt has announced is now available through its app.

Filled with saturated colors, a bold score and dance, Through You tells the story of love born, lived, lost, burned, and seemingly gone forever.

“The story begins in the 1970’s when a couple named James and Julia first meet, and stretches through 2046 when they have grown old and questioning, “Can love be found again?”, the official description explains. “James is played by Juilliard-trained actor Amari Cheatom. Julia is played in her youth and old age by two different actors: contemporary dancer and choreographer Joanna Kotze, and Marni Thomas Wood, the last dancing member of the original Martha Graham Company, and professor emerita/ co-founder of UC Berkeley’s dance program.”

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Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld, co-directors of Through You. Photo by Albert Sanchez and Pedro Zalba.

“We treat the viewer like a fellow dancer, speaking with movement and bypassing words. We put them at the center of the story, first as a lover and then as a memory,” said Baldwin. “With the potential inherent in 360 degrees of immersion, we ask: What does the passage of time feel like? What does love and loss feel like?”

“We both have a very clear opinion on what we like and what we don’t. But the process of how we achieve these things is quite opposite,” adds Unseld. “In a way this yin-yang approach made our collaboration perfect. Both of us were able to judge each other’s work from a distance and help each other focus on our strengths.”

Featuring an original score by Mark degli Antoni, with sound design and binaural mix from Q Department, Through You is the first live action immersive experience directed by Unseld who’s better known for animations like Henry and Dear Angelica which were created at the now defunct Oculus Story Studios.

Through You is available through the free Jaunt VR app store, which supports iOS, Android, Cardboard, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR today at 10 am ET.

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