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Life In 360°: A Bearable Request

Discovery VR team up with Disneynature

Welcome back into the world of immersive technologies. I trust you had a good weekend? So, what 360 degree video from around the world do we have for you this morning… Well, never let it be said that you can’t request what goes into an edition of Life In 360°.

Last Monday we had a video about the panda, courtesy of National Geographic‘s Nat Geo Wild and I received a number of messages about how adorable the pandas were and there were a couple of expressions for more of the same. Well in the case of the latter, your wish is my command.

Discovery VR - headerOr perhaps not my command exactly, but that of Discovery VR who took a Nokia OZO out to China to film a trailer promoting Disneynature’s documentary/film Born In China which came out earlier this year. This one’s more informative than the last once, at least in the sense of giving straight facts, but features pandas in a more natural habitat. There’s also a close up encounter at the end.

VRFocus will be back with Li360 on Wednesday when we’ll be getting away from adorable creatures and dropping some science on you. In the meantime, be sure check back through all the revealed throughout the weekend – it was certainly a busy one – and I’ll see you next time.

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